Dance Fly (Empis tesselata) at Hod Hill

Whilst walking around the side of Hod Hill in Dorset, the site of an iron age hill fort, I came across this dance fly (Empis tesselata). To be more precise it nearly found me, whizzing pass my ear to land on nettles beside the River Stour. It was NOT small and it looked very mean. In fact I did think twice before sticking my Zuiko Olympus OM 80mm F4 macro lens with my Olympus OM T28 twin flash at it!

Dance Fly (Empis tesselata)
Dance Fly (Empis tesselata)


Camera: Olympus OM 4ti

Lens: Zuiko Olympus OM 80mm F4 macro lens

Aperture: F16

Film: Kodak E100 VS positive



I have been shooting nature with Olympus digital & Olympus OM camera gear on film since 2004

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