Roydon Wood

I visited Roydon Wood on Sunday with the purpose of shooting springtails with my Olympus film camera (results pending development). On the way there the local radio station weather report mentioned the possibility of ‘rogue showers’. One of these rogue showers arrived, whilst sifting through leaf litter looking for the springtails. What they failed to mention was that these ‘rogue showers’ could be in the form of hail stones.

Found we were not alone whilst cowering under a good size tree, as noticed what at first appeared to look like a small dog keeping out of the hail as it best as it could close by. I had decided to take along my E620 & 70-300mm digital lens on the off chance of there being some birds about, and (bravely) stepped out in the hail to get a closer look. It turned out to be a small deer, and so fired off a couple of shots.

On arrival back I got reliably informed that it was the Muntjac (Muntiacus reevesi) deer.

Muntjac deer

Muntjac deer















On the way back I also snapped this cheeky lamb.

Cheeky lamb

Cheeky lamb




















Author: Pete

I have been shooting nature with Olympus digital & Olympus OM camera gear on film since 2004

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